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禁用后如何启用Office Tab?

如果您在某些罕见的情况下遇到Office Tab在Office应用程序中消失或消失的情况,可以始终尝试根据以下方法将其重新带回。

注意:在进行任何其他操作之前,请确保已安装最新的Office Tab。 您可以从下载最新版本 了解更多.


转到“ Office选项卡中心”,您可以启用或禁用特定的选项卡功能。 您可以通过双击 Office标签中心 在您的电脑桌上的图标。 您也可以通过点击 Start 开始 > 所有程序“ > Office Tab > Office标签中心。 为了确保 为Word,Excel,PowerPoint启用选项卡,已检查。 点击“OK”关闭 Office标签中心。 如果问题仍然存在,请转到下一步。


2.使用Microsoft Office加载项管理器(用于Office 2007/2010/2013)

在这种情况下,我将使用Microsoft Word 2010进行故障排除。 如果Word中没有选项卡,则应选择访问 Word加载项管理器 手动启用它。 对于Office 2010,请单击 文件 > 附加选项 > 加载项。 对于Office 2007,单击 办公室图标 > Word选项“ > 加载项.


2.1. 要启用加载项,请在上述屏幕截图底部选择加载项类型(Office Tab加载项属于 COM加载项 类型),然后单击 走…


请注意: 如果您使用的是Microsoft Office 2007,请确保 Word的标签(32位)Office选项卡助手 已启用。

为什么Office Tab有时会被禁用? 这是因为还有一些其他Office加载项与您的Office应用程序中的Office Tab不兼容。 在这种情况下,您应该尝试禁用一些不需要的其他Office加载项,而仅使Office选项卡保持启用状态。

在Firefox,Chrome和IE 10等Microsoft Office应用程序中使用标签页!

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    Hanan · 1 years ago
    Hey. my office tab only avaiable when I want to create new document. for document that already exist, it's opened in sepearated windows. wheres the troubleshooting for this?
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    Susan U. · 4 years ago
    Regarding my earlier question about restoring previous Excel defaults, after unchecking "Enable Tabs for Excel" on the Office Tab Center, you have to go into Excel: Options, Advanced, Display, and check "Show all windows in the taskbar."

    Then multiple workbooks can be opened and macros run between them.

    When you check "Enable Tabs for Excel," afterward, then the "Show all windows" option automatically becomes unchecked.

    Hope this helps someone else! :)
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    Susan U. · 4 years ago
    In Excel, I have macros that run between workbooks (in the same application of Excel). I have unchecked "Enable for Excel" in the Office Tab Center and I can no longer have multiple tabs. But I am unable to have multiple workbooks open as I was before I started using Office Tab. (I have closed out and restarted Excel.) Every time I open a second workbook, it closes the first.

    Any suggestions? I love Office Tab, but being able to disable it completely and return to previous Office settings is crucial for me. :)